My story

My love about food, its preparation, getting to know and understanding it came to me from my childhood, when I have tried almost all of the recipes from cookbook.

I have obtained a higher education in restaurant and hotel management, a master’s degree in economics – entrepreneurship and management (Mg.oec.) and a doctoral degree in food science (

I think that we should never stop the learning process, because I believe that living means learning from ourselves, from others, from nature, and from everyday situations. I am passionate about what I have yet to experience, but I believe that “being right here and right now” can be the real challenge.

I try to inspire people and create more opportunities to think about food, its way to our plate, and I also invite others to think about their food choices, their impact on the environment and the direction and development of the food industry.

My drive to find an answer to every question pushes me forward in life! Life is so interesting!