Ilga Gedrovica – One of 12 researchers who carry Latvia’s name in the world. and inspire for creation and illuminate the outstanding and innovative research done in food science.

Ilga Gedrovica – one of the scientists in the 2020 in Science Calendar # Latvia’s Science Calendar – Research Latvia.

Ilga Gedrovica – one of the speakers at the International Conference “TEDxRiga 2019”, which is a part of the world famous and powerful talk show “TED”.

Ilga Gedrovica – RIS INNOVATION PRIZES 2019 FINALIST in “EIT Food” contest “Innovation Prize 2019”.

Ilga Gedrovica – “Jelgava Woman-City Pride 2017”, prize for significant public contribution, awarded from “Zonta club” in Jelgava.

Evaluation of Ilga’s Gedrovica’s scientific activity – award “Latvian Science major achievement on practical applications in Year 2015” in the annual contest “The Top ten scientific developments in Latvia” organized by Latvian Academy of Sciences in Latvia country.

Evaluation of Ilga’s Gedrovica’s scientific activity in the annual award of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies for achievements in favor of the university – award “Scientist of the Year 2014”.